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Sep 01 2016

Men and women wrestlers wearing fancy dress tackled a slippery surface for a somewhat unusual contest on Monday – the “World Gravy Wrestling Championships”.  . Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is going up for auction, with profits from the sale going to an immigrant support group. | Video


Aug 30 2016

A 49-year-old Oklahoma woman has been charged with first-degree murder on suspicion of killing her daughter whom she thought was possessed by the devil by jamming a crucifix down her throat and beating her, court records released on Tuesday showed.

A life-sized nude statue of U.S. A curious radio signal picked up by a Russian telescope is probably not a transmission from an extraterrestrial civilization, but astronomers in California are taking a second look anyway, the SETI Institute said on Tuesday.

WELLINGTON Some New Zealand fans of the smartphone game Pokemon Go caught more than they bargained for when they grabbed a thief who broke into a car and held him until police arrived

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